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The army survival bracelet is an extremely important item for the outdoor connoisseur. The material that makes up the bracelet is durable and long lasting. The survival bracelet is designed to be an intricate gear in times of survival. The survival bracelet has many different and unique uses. There are several different designs of army survival bracelets for all ages and people.


Outdoor Survival Bracelet

A government contractor is employed to develop the survival bracelet for the United States Military. The nylon strands are tightly woven together and can be a piece of survival in a lot of areas when needed. A standard bracelet is made of "550 cord". The "550? refers to the fact that there is a maximum of 550 lbs. of breaking strength. This type of cord contains an outer layer of thirty-two strands of woven nylon. The outer nylon shell is woven very tightly and it gives the cord a very smooth feel. 


The diameter of the wilderness survival gear is just about 1/8 of an inch. There are seven, two-ply nylon strands within the outer strands. This product is very lightweight and was originally used for suspension lines for U.S. parachutes. The idea of survival cords has proven to be another great succession of minds, when gauging what is pertinent to survival. The product doesn't have to be for military purposes alone. There are more uses for the survival bracelet, than any other accessory on the market. The survival bracelet cord is rot and mildew resistant, and is efficiently quick drying.


The bracelet can be unwoven and used as a whole to secure and tie down equipment and be a support ridgeline for tarps. Hunters have the advantage of being able to make a string on a bow if the initial string fails in the woods. A survival bracelet can also aid in the making of shelter in the outdoors. If there is an emergency in the woods and someone is suffering from a broken limb, the bracelet can also be coupled with a makeshift board as a splint until help arrives, and the victim is taken out of the elements. 


In the army, the survival bracelet has also been known to be used as a tourniquet for amputation during times of war. The bracelet can be unraveled to do several tasks. When unraveled the seven inner strands of the survival bracelet can be used for sewing thread, dental floss, or fishing line. Look up survival tactical gear options online to get started. 


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