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Before a disaster strikes, it is best to prepare for it. This will help to keep your family safe at the time. For example, you can set up a small remote survival retreat. Give it a lot of thought to this. Here are some guidelines you can follow:


o Your survival retreat should be off main roads and out of the way. Ideally the retreat will only be reachable on a dead end, one lane dirt road. If anyone asks, it is just a weekend getaway. You will not store many supplies there. You will have your cache of emergency supplies and tactical survival gear stored at a storage unit that can be opened 24 hours a day with your own key. The cache will be between your home and your retreat.


o A place near a stream or natural source of water is ideal. Do not build in an area susceptible to flash flooding. Up in the woods, somewhat out of sight is best.


o Make sure there is a stone fireplace or a wood stove, for heat and cooking.


o The retreat needs to be located within a half-day walk to a village to get more supplies, news and information.


o Make it a habit to have land ready for growing vegetables. Grow something there continually. It is not important if they get stolen when you are not there. The idea is having the ground prepared.


o Have enough food for your family plus two people for at least 90 days. That means MRE type food stores, in addition to any wild life you might get. Better yet, would be enough for 12 months.


o The cache should have tools needed to maintain the retreat and keep the family safe. The word to remember is to be self-sufficient. Go to the cabin as often as possible because it keeps you prepared at all times.


Your Survival Gear


You should also have the necessary survival gear at your retreat. You may have survival kits with supplies you would most likely put in there if you were to put a 

few of them together yourself and you may find other kits that are very unusual but you would also need. You only want to use these kits for emergencies only because things happen due to the weather that you cannot control and nature can only do its thing. 


If you have followed these steps, your survival guide is ready. Refer to it often. Use your retreat as much as you can to maintain your skills and readiness.


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